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PitTicketPro is setting the standard for hauling operations, building a more seamless, precise, and transparent construction supply chain. Through modernizing construction aggregate hauling operations, PitTicketPro is helping construction and trucking companies go paperless in the field and office, and improving both job and company-wide margins with real-time insights. Our cloud-based solution is designed to collect and digitize data from previously paper-based workflows, replacing the inefficient and time-consuming data entry process — from dispatch to reconciliation


Aggregate hauling tickets processed yearly in U.S.


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The PitTicketPro Story

Exxon sends a Boeing 747 full of paper tickets to Brazil every month to be manually reconciled by hand,” were the words that sparked an idea for co-founders Brodie Sherman and Daniel McElrath. And so started the idea for PitTicketPro.

After hearing about an electronic ticketing solution for crude and wastewater transport in the oil and gas industry, Daniel realized the same problem existed in construction aggregate hauling. He had seen first-hand as a civil construction estimator the amount of time, money, and peace-of-mind these paper tickets were costing the entire business — from dispatchers and project managers, to accounting staff and executives.

After receiving early validation from a leader in the Houston civil construction industry, Brodie and Daniel spent months shadowing and interviewing everyone who touched truck tickets. Finally, in late 2017 PitTicketPro evolved into a real solution.

PitTicketPro is driven by one single mission: free the construction industry of the headache and cost of paper hauling tickets.


Leadership Team

Brodie Sherman


Brodie is a Texas native, and grew up in a family with their roots in the early real estate development of Houston’s suburban neighborhoods. Brodie was immersed in the world of real estate and development from a young age, which only grew along with his entrepreneurial drive. Throughout college, his time and energy were focused on the mental health industry, working with several treatment centers and volunteered as a Young Life leader at a local middle school.  Brodie attended St. Edward’s University in Austin, and soon after attended Acton Business School, where he sharpened his skills as an entrepreneur. Brodie worked in the software space after Acton, helping to build a sales organization with an early startup, getting a taste of what it would be to build something from the ground up. Shortly after meeting Daniel, he turned back to his roots in real estate and development to help solve one of the biggest challenges facing these construction businesses everyday — the headache of antiquated paper processes.

Daniel McElrath


Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Daniel grew up in the Central Texas construction industry. His entrepreneurial journey started in seventh grade, manning a shovel and eventually running crews for his family’s athletic field construction company. After completing his undergrad at Texas Tech and Texas State Universities, Daniel continued learning about civil construction working as an estimator for a prominent Central Texas excavation and site prep company. After a couple years into the job Daniel recognized his deep desire to start and run his own company, so he attended Acton School of Business to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs. It was here that he identified his entrepreneurial calling to help the family-run construction companies he grew up around leverage technology to run better businesses. Now, with PitTicketPro, he gets to do that everyday.

Andrew Hunter


Andrew is a computer engineer, serial entrepreneur, amateur data scientist, and perpetual tinkerer. He began programming at age 11, carried the passion through college, and quickly discovered that his true passion lies in applying software to solve real-world problems. Andrew has founded or co-founded 5 companies across various verticals since 2007 — from gaming to gaming monetization to advertising technology to real estate. His biggest success, Gambit Labs, was a social gaming monetization platform that he took from launch in October 2008 to an annual run rate of $48M in October 2009. Most recently, he co-founded IdealSpot, which helps brick and mortar retailers find their perfect location by mapping local demand for their product or service. Andrew is excited to apply his passion for innovative technology to construction aggregate hauling every day with PitTicketPro.

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