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Capture Trucking Tickets In Real Time. We make it easy for people on the job site to snap a quick picture of the tickets from their smartphone.   The tickets are sent to the foreman to track the trucking operations in real time.   Later, the accounting team can easily match up the electronic tickets with invoices to make sure the invoices are correct before paying.

PitTicketPro Electronic Ticketing

We’re built for construction

PitTicketPro Jobs

Project Managers and Foremen struggle to keep up with their trucking operations, especially on busy paving and earthwork jobs.

PitTicketPro makes it easy to see all the ticket data as it comes in in real time.   Every day, they can check the load counts and the quantities on their smartphone, making it easier to keep up with job cost and optimize trucking needs.

PitTicketPro Dispatchers

Managing your internal and external trucks is a painful.

We make it easy to ensure you have enough trucks on each job by being able to track trucks and loads in real time.   If an adjustment is needed, you will know almost immediately and can fix the problem before it impacts the job.

PitTicketPro Administrators

We’ve seen those stacks of paper tickets covering your desk just waiting to be reconciled, and the random tickets from 6 months ago finally making their way in.

Don’t waste time sorting, reconciling, billing, and filing all those paper tickets. Download all that important ticket information at the click of a button and save hours reconciling invoices.

PitTicketPro Drivers

Paper tickets get lost all the time, but that shouldn't mean you don't get paid for your work.

No more back and forth or disagreements about how many hauls you made.  Have all your loadouts and deliveries tracked for you, so you never have to worry about being paid what you earned again.

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