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We've launched a real-time electronic ticketing platform for construction aggregate hauling.

Our early users were excited to work with us because they were frustrated by their inefficient reconciliation process, worried about the true cost of fraud, and were tired of seeing their margins suffer — all because of paper tickets.

The Old Way
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The New Way
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Electronic ticketing is more than a convenience. Real-time, cloud-based ticketing can save construction and aggregate hauling companies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and ensure drivers are paid fast and accurately.

PitTicketPro Electronic Ticketing

Questions We Answer

What material was moved yesterday?

Manage production, not drivers. Schedule hauls for each day, track deliveries in real-time, and estimate job completion—all in one place.

PitTicketPro Dashboard
PitTicketPro Dashboard

Where are all my trucks right now?

Don’t spend 30 minutes and 5 calls to find one truck. Track company-owned, leased, and subcontracted trucks in real-time as they start and finish each haul.

PitTicketPro Real Time Track
PitTicketPro Real Time Track

What’s my agenda today?

No more worrying about lost tickets or getting them in on time. As a driver, your work changes daily. Keep all your orders in one easy-to-use place and have your tickets submitted for you.

PitTicketPro Faster Payment
PitTicketPro Faster Payment

We’re built for construction

PitTicketPro Jobs

In the US alone, over 1 million paper tickets are generated by aggregate hauling every day.

How many of those 1 million tickets are yours to track, cost code, record and submit?

Cut the paper and replace it with real-time insights into the progress of your jobs.

PitTicketPro Dispatchers

Managing your team and independent drivers via text is a cluster.

We eliminate the back-and-forth with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Coordinate with drivers, assign hauls, and track progress in real time. Drive sales and production instead of trying to keep your head above water.

PitTicketPro Administrators

We’ve seen those stacks of paper tickets covering your desk just waiting to be reconciled, and the random tickets from 6 months ago finally making their way in.

Don’t waste time sorting, reconciling, billing, and filing all those paper tickets. Download all that important ticket information at the click of a button.

PitTicketPro Drivers

Paper tickets get lost all the time, but that shouldn't mean you don't get paid for your work.

No more back and forth or disagreements about how many hauls you made.Have all your loadouts and deliveries tracked for you, so you never have to worry about being paid what you earned again.

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